Our Quality Policy

Mikron Medical,

  • Aims to reach the highest possible standards in the machining sector in terms of both product and system quality as a company that produces MSFX branded medical implants. For this purpose, it attaches importance to continuous improvement activities and makes uninterrupted efforts with all employees.
  • Aims to achieve the best quality in the sector and keeps the importance of human health always with the medical implants produced, based on national and international standards and collecting and utilizing all types of developments in this direction.
  • Additionally, aims to manufacture the products that are worthy of the company culture in order to carry patient safety to the highest levels in medical products.
  • Attempts to meet customer demands fully by producing quality products at competitive principled conditions and at reasonable prices and supply on time.
  • We are trying to reach these aims by PLANNING, APPLYING, CONTROLLING AND TAKING PRECAUTIONS within the understanding of total quality and continuous improvement.
  • By fulfilling requirements of regional, national, international legal regulations and ISO 13485: 2016 standards and the requirements of the customer, our management team and all our colleagues are working in collaboration with our suppliers, in order to keep customer satisfaction at unprecedented levels.
  • We are committed to always improving our product quality and and system management, qualified by always offering the best to our customers.
  • We are aware that quality is not just the responsibility of one or two people, but a concept that all our colleagues should adopt in the implementation stage.
  • With all our colleagues, we show the necessary sensitivity to the above issues and we adopt our policy to achieve our goals.
  • As the Mikron Medical family, we are committed to undertake and follow all our company policies and guidelines, observe our responsibilities and we are determined to accomplish our goals through these procedures.